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a low cost approach to Illinois registered agent representation

We are local Chicago area company that provides registered agent service and representation for the entire state of Illinois for domestic or foreign entities that are, or intend to pursue a business presence in Illinois. 
Our goal is to provide personal and professional service so that you can successfully complete your filing on your own with confidence.  

We focus solely in Illinois to provide reliable and accurate information which is set out in layman's terms.  This allows our  clients to successfully complete their own business forms and filings with the Illinois Secretary of State.  Altimately saving you hundreds of dollars in legal fees.

P.O. Box 383
Monee, Illinois 60449 
Phone: 708-218-1696

For new business, contact: [email protected]

Physical address is delivered upon purchase of agent representation


Domestic / Foreign Corporations and Not-for-Profits:
$75 - $85 (respectively)​​

Domestic / Foreign  LLC'S  & LLP'S, LP'S & Sole Proprietorship:
$95 - $105 (respectively)

Domestic / Foreign Series LLC Parent:
$95 - $105 (respectively)

Series Designations:
$30 each

Domestic / Foreign Estates & Sole Proprietors: 
​$95 and $105 

Email delivery:
$12 (annually)
Our Research tab will provide the guidance needed for filing your forms - whether to start a business presence or change your agent.  And, if in question, we are always here to review your forms for accuracy.

Illinois Registered Agent provides information compiled from the Illinois Statutes set out in terms that may help those not familiar with the process, procedures and terminology associated with forming and/or maintaining a corporate business presence in Illinois.

We hope that you will take your time browsing our site and bookmark our pages for future reference​​​​
​​​​Follow the Purchase Services tab and complete the 3 steps to purchase our services.  

1. Complete the "Required Info" form. (This provides the information required to open your account).

2. Choose your entity type, domestic or foreign and your preferred delivery method.

3. Process your payment through PayPal. 

Our information will be immediately delivered to you upon notification of your purchase through PayPal.

About Us & What We Offer Our Clients

We have twenty-one years of experience with corporate compliance,  contacts and knowledge to assist new entrepreneurs with their filings.  We offer personalized service to our clients when purchasing the lowest cost agent representation available. When you choose Illinois Registered Agent, you hire a paralegal who represents your company, answers your questions, guides you to the appropriate filing forms, and will provide review and assistance with filings when needed.   

Illinois Registered Agent was conceived during the financial recession of 2008.   With many people out of work, and with unemployment in the double digits, I realize that others were turning to their own skills and experience and starting their own businesses in the absence of  potential jobs and businesses.   By providing a low cost registered agent representation service, I was putting my skills to work helping those who were trying to help themselves.  I began Illinois Registered Agent, Inc.
Illinois Registered Agent is geared towards those that want to go through the process of setting up their own company, doing their own due diligence and understanding every aspect of their business from start to success, which will save the new entrepreneur hundreds of dollars in legal fees.
From our formation date, Illinois Registered Agent has grown along with the research we provide.  New pages are continually added with new information on how to navigate the State of Illinois filing system and the annual filing and reporting requirements. 
Illinois Registered Agent, Inc.  provides those with the ingenuity and courage to invest in themselves, the ability to confidently prepare the legal documents needed to start their own businesses.  There is a score of research on our site that helps to identify what the State requires on each form - ranging from incorporating to agent changes to dissolutions.  We provide you with the resources to do-it-yourself.  And, if you get stuck, we are here to guide you.  We are always happy to review your forms for accuracy prior to your filing with the State of Illinois.

If you are in a time crunch, we can help you with that too.

​We look forward to working with you!
Sr. Corporate Paralegal & Owner
Illinois Registered Agent, Inc.

Email: [email protected]

​llinois Registered Agent
provides one on one service
to our clients. 
It is in our best interests to
 make sure that you succeed. 
If you need our help,
don't hesitate to ask us!  

Registered Agent
provides the lowest priced
registered agent services
for the acceptance of
service of process
and state correspondence
in the
State of Illinois.​​

By choosing
Illinois Registered Agent, Inc. , 
your company will take the first step towards increased profitability
by reducing your annual
registered agent costs.  

Be confident
in your ability to prepare
and file your own documents with the State of Illinois. 
If you are unsure of any information that is required to complete your forms, we are here to assist and provide you guidance.  

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